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Klasika o čtvrté: Ivo Kahánek presents S.V.A. Trio

This time Ivo Kahánek invited to Suk´s hall in Rudolfinum S.V.A. Trio.

It is a formation of three renowned musicians with multi-genre experience from Prague. It has started playing in March 2020 – a time when all public music events were stopped by the pandemic. This time of uncertainty and emptiness accelerated the completion of new projects such as S.V.A. Trio which decided to focus on their own music. Music which would reflect their common musical influences and become a reaction to living in a metropolis. They call this style “urban fusion.” S.V.A. Trio features Alexey Aslamas (violin), Vladan Malinjak (viola) and Šimon Marek (cello). The organizers thank to the partner of the concert series - the capital city of Prague.






1. Intro ( Alexey Aslamas)

2. SMG ( Šimon Marek / Alexey Aslamas)

3. Hourglass ( Šimon Marek / Alexey Aslamas)

4. 23.55 ( Vladan Malinjak/ Alexey Aslamas)

5. Lucid Worlds ( Alexey Aslamas)

6. Dead Trains ( Šimon Marek / Alexey Aslamas)

7. Prázdniny ( Alexey Aslamas)

8. Decrepit Man ( Šimon Marek / Alexey Aslamas)

9. Go on! ( Alexey Aslamas)

10. As it is ( Alexey Aslamas)

11. Play again ( Alexey Aslamas)

12. Tchai ( Alexey Aslamas)

13. Hangoverdrive ( Alexey Aslamas)

14. Nashledanou, dobrou noc ( Alexey Aslamas